What is an exit or vacate Cleaning?
When a tenant moves out from rented property, he will need a deep and thorough cleaning of the property. So, it’ll be representable to the next tenant and helpful in getting back his bond money.
Why do I Need Vacate Cleaning?
If a tenant doesn’t leave the property in a clean and presentable condition, then he can lose his deposit money. The property manager or landlord can keep your money in the name of cleaning cost he has to pay.
Do You Offer Bond Back Guarantee for Exit/vacate Cleaning?
Yes, we guarantee you that our exit cleaning services will be helpful in getting your bond money back. But we’ll not guarantee if you’ve damaged anything within the property. If any problem is occurring just because of cleaning, then we’ll really help you to solve that. Even we’ll provide re-clean free of cost if required.
How Long Does Exit/vacate Cleaning Take?
We know that cleaning during moving out is way more different than regular cleaning. At the end of tenancy cleaning, one has to follow a deadline. Generally, exit cleaning takes 3 to 7 hours. But, the actual time duration of cleaning a property depends on the size of the property and how dirty it is. As Bond back depends upon the cleaning then we always require extra time to offer a thorough professional cleaning.
Do Bond Back Cleaning Services Include Oven Cleaning?
Yes, in an executive vacate cleaning will come with complimentary oven cleaning. Cleaning of kitchen and kitchen appliances are the essential parts of service. We do everything whatever we’ve mentioned within our end of lease cleaning checklist.
What is Your End of Lease Cleaners’ Availability?
Our cleaners and we are very flexible and can do the cleaning job on short notice. We are on board at our workplace from 8 AM to 5 PM. We are also available on weekends and almost all holidays without any extra cost.
Are There Any Hidden Charges?
No, there are no hidden charges includes in our end of lease cleaning services. But if there’s no parking space available to park our vehicles then you have to pay us.
Do you Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles?
Yes, we clean kitchen and bathroom tiles and grouts as we include them into our cleaning checklist. But you have to tell us during the end of lease quote if they’re discoloured or in bad condition. We need to clean them with pressure clean technique, and it’ll cost you a little extra that needs to be added in the price quote.
Do you Clean Floors and Windows?
Yes, we clean windows from inside and if you’ll request then offer outside window cleaning too. We also clean, sweep and mop the floor. If you have a wooden floor, then we provide cleaning of that too along with wax and police with an additional cost if requested.
Do You Clean Fridges?
No, we don’t provide fridge cleaning but if you want then it’ll be done with an additional cost.
How Much Notice do you Require Booking an End of Lease Cleaning Job?
The prior notice before a few days is better because we can be busy in some other job. So, better to book us as you come to know the date of moving out and removalist vacate the property.
What You Do If I and My Real Estate Agent are Unhappy and Complaints about Cleaning?
In this case, we’ll come back and offer a re-clean free of cost. But we’ll do it only if you notify us within 72 Hours of our services and provide us the photographic proofs of problematic areas noticed by landlord or property manager.
How Do I Pay or What Payment Method Available to Pay?
You can make a payment to us via cash or cash once the job is done. You can also pay us via almost every bank’s card.
Do You Give A Receipt on Completion of Service?
Yes, our cleaners will hand-over a receipt issued by our company once they’ll complete their cleaning job.
What Happens If Anything is Damaged?
Our team of cleaners is fully insured, vetted and experienced. But if anything accidentally is broken then we’ll pay for that or offer repair if required. It’ll be free of cost.
Is My Presence Important During End of Lease Cleaning?
No, it’s not important! You can just hand over the keys to our cleaners and make the payment before leaving.
How Do You Get Access If I’m not Available?
You can leave the keys to one of your neighbour or concierges. We wouldn’t mind picking them up from landlord or property manager.
Do you Clean Furnished Houses?
Yes, we offer our services to furnished properties too. However, it’ll take a long time to clean furnished one than vacate one. But we’ll do that as it’s a part of our job.